Location + Contact Info:

WHEAT Institute classes are provided in a gorgeous urban wilderness area at the St. Norbert Arts Centre in the Guest House at the Trappiste Ruins in St. Norbert, as well as at the Arthur St. Studio in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. 


Darci Adam

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St Norbert Arts Centre:

Arthur Street Studio 580-70 Arthur St.

Mission Statement:

WHEAT Institute offers top-quality training programs in Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. We are committed to using the universal language of the arts for healing, self awareness and social justice.

Through creative self expression, harmonizing with nature, and celebration of our cultural origins, WHEAT Institute fosters physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through a culturally conscious, social justice lens.

 The WHEAT Counseling Group provides individual and group therapy in a variety of modalities, including Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Play Therapy.

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