Therapeutic Clowning course with David Langdon -- Winnipeg's most experienced Therapeutic Clown

Date: Summer 2019

Read the full course outline here (from August 2018)

Throughout history and the world, there has always been a close connection between clowns and healers. Although this connection has existed in such diverse environments as Ancient Greece, First Nations cultures of North America, and courts of Medieval Europe; therapeutic clowning as a specific profession did not originate until 1986 when two separate programs began in Winnipeg and New York City.

This course introduces the student to the art of clown in general and to therapeutic clowning specifically.The course will be primarily in workshop format; supplemented with some lecture, reading and video media. Students will engage in basic “clown play”, and begin to explore the relationship between clown, the pleasure of play, and sharing this pleasure with one's audience. Videos will be used to introduce students a variety clown styles and approaches.

Therapeutic Clowning program coming Summer 2019! For more information please contact