Advanced Expressive Arts Certificate Program:

The AEAT Certificate includes a choice of five of six weekend workshop intensives and a five day Practicum Skills class to share case studies and practice individual and group counselling skills and techniques using the expressive arts. These courses may be used towards the Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy. A 500 hour Supervised Practicum may be added on for students wishing to pursue the REACE or REAT certification.
$2975 Total Tuition + GST
$100 non-refundable deposit;
$1600 payable September 30 Balance payable January 9
Individual 2-day courses: $395 +GST
500 hour Supervised Practicum includes 50 hours of combined individual and group supervision. Total Tuition $3,500 Plus GST
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Introduction to Expressive Arts Certificate Program:

A series of five 4-week sessions October 24, 2016 - April 2017  (Mondays 7pm-9:30pm). The EAT Certificate courses may be used towards the Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy. Tuition paid will be deducted from the total for the Diploma Program.
$100 non-refundable deposit;
$395 Per 4-week session Total Tuition $1975
$1,000 plus GST due September 30 
$975 plus GST due January 9th
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Art, Drama and Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma Programs:

All programs:

$225.00 Registration fee (Deposit deducted from tuition fees)

Training completion fund (TCF) due upon registration. See details of the purpose of this fund here.
Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy TCF $150
Drama Therapy TCF $180

$200.00 plus GST Supply fee due upon registration.

Tuition Fees for Art Therapy Diploma: $15,000.00 
Payment Schedule: Term 1: $4275 due May 6th, 2017, $2070  due May 31st, 2017 
Term 2: $5730 due January 7th, 2018
Term 3 $2700 due September 7th, 2018

Tuition Fees for Drama Therapy Diploma: $18,000.00 
$4500 plus GST due April 10, July 10, September 10, 2016 and January 10

Tuition Fees for Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma: $15,000 
Payment Schedule for Distance EAT students:
Term 1 Payment 1: $2400 due May 31, 2017; Payment 2 $2580 due August 15, 2017
Term 2 Payment: $ 3420 due December 15, 2017
Term 3 Payment: $ 6600 due May 15, 2018

5- Day Drop in courses and fees: $975.00
Principles of Drama Therapy - August 23-27, 2017

4-Day Drop in Course and fees: $735.00 
Indigenous Ways of Knowing through the Arts - July 23- 26, 2017
Working with Trauma: Shattering the Temenos using Expressive Arts- August 16-19, 2017 
Expressive Arts Therapy and its relation to Psychology and Psychopathology - August 16-19, 2017
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WHEAT Institute training is tax deductible.