“Drama therapy is the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Through drama, the depth and breadth of inner experience can be actively explored and interpersonal relationship skills can be enhanced.” North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) Drama therapy is an internationally recognized tool for personal and community development using active and experiential theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth, do trauma work, and promote mental health.

The Diploma in Drama Therapy at the WHEAT Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is an intensive program spanning the course of two summer intensives, online coursework, practicum experience and ongoing supervision. Graduates of this program may put their coursework towards the requirements to become a Registered Drama Therapist with the NADTA.

Will not be offered in 2018. For more information about the Drama Therapy program please contact WHEAT Institute at info@wheatinstitute.com


Master’s degree in counselling, or an equivalent field. Students with diverse backgrounds will be admitted for professional development training. Previous courses taken through MA and/or in addition to MA degree should consist of Developmental Psychology (3 credits), Abnormal Psychology or Psychopathology (3 credits), Theories of Personality (3 credits) and Group Dynamics or Advanced Counselling Techniques (3 credits).


Will not be offered in 2018. For more information about the Drama Therapy program please contact WHEAT Institute at info@wheatinstitute.com

Application process: Applicants are selected based on past academic records, a 500-word letter of intent, and three letters of recommendation. Applicants must also submit documentation of previous experience in drama/theatre and are expected to have experience in clinical, rehabilitative and/or educational settings.

Registration fee of $225 is due at that time. A selection committee will interview potential students. Confirmation of acceptance to the Diploma Program will occur by August 2018. Training completion fund of $199.00 plus materials fee of $200 are due upon acceptance and signing of the Tuition Contract.

COURSEWORK 2017-2019 Cohort

Was not offered in 2017 or 2018. For more information about the Drama Therapy program please contact WHEAT Institute at info@wheatinstitute.com

o Principles of Drama Therapy – Armand Volkas, August 2018 (40 hours)

o Creative Drama – Csilla Przibislawsky, August 2018 (40 hours)

o Assessment and Treatment in Drama Therapy – August 2018

o Playback Theatre - Armand Volkas, August 2018

o Drama Therapy with Special Populations – Csilla Przibslawsky, August 2018

o Psychodrama – Dr. Kate Hudgins, August 2018

o Research in Drama Therapy – Susan Ward, Sept – Dec 2018 (on-line)

o Legal Issues in Creative Arts Therapies – TBD, Jan – April 2018 (on-line)  

o Cultural Competency in Creative Arts Therapies September - December 2018 (on-line)

o Research Methods and Final Project/Thesis 

o Practicum Experience - ongoing

o Group and Individual Supervision - ongoing


All Diploma programs

$225.00 Registration fee 
$199.00 Training completion fund due upon registration. See details of the purpose of this fund at www.wedu.gov.mb.ca/aid/pvi/operating 
$200.00 Supply fee due upon registration.

Tuition Fees for Drama Therapy Diploma: $19,900.00

Payment Schedule:
Term 1: Payment 1: $4275 due June 15, 2018; Payment 2: $2070 due July 2018
Term 2: $5730 due January 2019 
Term 3 $5700 due September 2019

We are currently in the process of receiving permission to accept International Students. Details TBA.