This program is valuable to anyone wishing to integrate the arts into their personal or professional practice, including school counsellors, therapists, healers, coaches, educators, resource teachers, elders, clergy and artists. Eligible for 9 credit hours in the Post Baccalaureate program at the University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education for students with Bachelor of Education degrees.

**Note: AEAT start date has been postponed to January 21, 2017. Registration is now open!


"I am counted among a small handful of folks who were part of the first U of W & WHEAT Institute PBDE cooperative program in School Counselling and Expressive Arts Therapy. I could not have done this re-entry into the world of academia without the yummy goodness that was the experiential, immersive programming at WHEAT. It was what I'd describe as, 'A Scrumptious Education!'" -Kim Zeglinski U of W / WHEAT PBDE Program, 2014-2016
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2016-2017 Cohort: Being Butoh Body

January 21, 2017

January 22, 2017

Join gentle, intuitive and highly imaginative local dance artist and movement specialist Tanja Woloshen in a playful exploration of the Japanese concept of "ma" - loosely translated as the space between, but richer than this simple description. Engaging curiosity, imagination and sweat, participants will gently and deeply explore our relationships with our selves and each other through the profoundly transformative realm of Butoh Dance.

10 am-5 pm, 580-70 Arthur St.

Tanja Woloshen, MFA, Dance Artist/Movement Specialist

2016-2017 Cohort: Exploring Indigenous Knowledge Through Art

February 18, 2017

February 19, 2017

Explore local Indigenous symbolism through the 7 Sacred Teachings and Medicine Wheel concepts.

10 am-5 pm, 580-70 Arthur St.

Leah Fontaine, MA Theatre, BFA Drawing, MA Native Studies, Dakota Anishinaabe Metis Artist

2016-2017 Cohort: Symbols in Theatre and Storytelling

March 18, 2017

March 19, 2017

This workshop explores the relationship between objects and humans and the stories that emerge in/between. Grounded in principles of object theatre combined with improvisational techniques, participants will be guided through a personal journey that uncovers symbolic narratives inspired by the things we surround ourselves with.  

10 am-5 pm, 580-70 Arthur St.

Mia van Leeuwen, MFA, Artistic Director for Out of Line Theatre Co-op

2016-2017 Cohort: Integrating Personal and Professional Practice

April 15, 2017

April 16, 2017

Therapist, school counsellor, and WHEAT director Darci Adam will conclude the certificate program with opportunities to integrate the learning from the previous four workshops and practicum skills classes. Emphasis will be on group facilitation skills as we explore how to know and strengthen essential self in oneself and others.

10 am-5 pm, 580-70 Arthur St.

Darci Adam, MA, MEd, RCAT, CCC, REAT

2016-2017 Cohort: Art Making as Mindfulness

May 6, 2017

May 7, 2017

Spiritual mentor, and expressive arts consultant/educator Marg Janick-Grayston will guide us in expressive arts processes that awaken us to the present moment, and open us to new insights that arise.   Participants will experience processes that draw on breath meditations, visual arts, writing, movement , and sharing as they explore the practice of mindfulness.  Practical knowledge about how to plan sessions for groups, work from a person-centered approach with people‚Äôs art, and art making ideas to integrate into your personal and professional lives will be interwoven throughout this experience.  Come learn how mindfulness can take us on a breathtaking path to living in the moment.

10 am-5 pm, 580-70 Arthur St.

Marg Janick-Grayston, MDiv, Certified Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator, Spiritual Mentor